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The AIBO Entertainment Robot is a totally new kind of robot - autonomous, sensitive to his environment, and able to learn and mature like a living creature. Since each AIBO experiences his world differently, each develops his own unique personality - different from any other AIBO in the world!



   Sony AIBO

Sony AIBO Robot DogAIBO means "companion" in Japanese. It is also an acronym for Artificial Intelligence roBOt. But AIBO is not a toy! He is a true companion with real emotions and instincts. With loving attention from his master, he will develop into a more mature and fun- loving friend as time passes. 


Like any human or animal, AIBO goes through the developmental stages of an infant, child, teen and adult. Daily communication and attention will determine how he matures. The more interaction you have with him, the faster he grows up. In short, AIBO is a friend for life.

Sony's brings humans and robots closer together by creating an artificial being as close to a living creature as possible. AIBO actually has emotions and instincts programmed into his brain. He acts to fulfill the desires created by his instincts. If satisfied, his joy level will rise. If not, then he will get sad or angry. Like any living being, AIBO learns how to get what he wants. Occasionally, he will wave his legs around vigorously or show signs of anger if he does not receive the kind of attention he requests from you. The way you respond to his emotional expressions greatly influences his personality and growth.

AIBO is sensitive to You
Even though AIBO is made from plastic, powered by a battery, and has a nervous system of integrated circuitry, he is also a fully cognizant, sensing, loving and communicative companion. With eyes for seeing and stereo ears for knowing precisely where he is at any time, AIBO's curiosity to know you and your world is boundless. Your daily communication and attention will determine how he behaves. If you praise him when he plays with his pink ball (included), he will seek out that toy even more, scold him and he will eventually learn to ignore the ball. He responds to friendly pats on the head, chin and back, or a disciplining tap. He senses his surroundings and situations. But most of all, AIBO is sensitive to YOU.

Sony AIBO Robot DogGive AIBO a name
AIBO learns the name you give him. his built-in stereo microphone, voice-recognition technology and speaker form the foundation of a growing, loving relationship. Call his name and he will respond! Speak and he will reply with an electronic tonal language that mimics the sounds of your words. Infant AIBO has a very limited vocabulary, but with time and encouragement, a fully mature AIBO can recognize about 50 words.

AIBO lets you know how he feels
Your new pet has emotions and instincts programmed into his brain. He displays six different emotional states including: Happiness, Dislike, Anger, Love, Sadness, and Surprise. AIBO also has instincts, or drives including: Movement, Fear, Recharge, and Search. He expresses his emotional state with a wag of his tail or by changing the color and shape of his eyes or by his body movements. He also barks, whines, growls and uses a series of musical tones to fully express his mood. AIBO's emotions aren't like on and off switches - they have many different stages and degrees. He might be very angry, somewhat sad, or he might strike a happy pose when he is really happy.

AIBO acts to fulfill the desires created by his instincts. If satisfied, his joy level will rise. If not, then he will get sad and angry. AIBO is a complex creature with a myriad of emotional states. And like any living creature, when he is not played or interacted with, he tends to get sleepy. So to keep your pet alert and happy, pay attention to it and treat him like the friend he is!

Sony AIBO Robot DogThe Amazing Mechanical Dog
This four-legged robot has 20 motorized joints that make his movements amazingly realistic - free and energetic - walking, sitting, lying down; he even has flapping ears and a wagging tail. It's wobbly at first but learns better balance as he matures. The 20 degrees of freedom allow AIBO a wide range of realistic movements for exploration and performing tricks. And AIBO won't leave little batteries all over the house just because you came home late! AIBO is as fun as a living creature, without the inconvenience.

Electronic Senses
AIBO has several senses: touch (on his head, chin and back), hearing (stereo microphones), sight (a camera in his head) and balance. He also has an infrared distance sensor, an acceleration sensor, and a temperature sensor. These allow AIBO to adapt to his surroundings, to interact with people - and to grow and learn from both!

AIBO acts as a fully autonomous robot that makes independent decisions about his own actions and behavior. He grows up with abundant individuality by interacting with his environment, communicating with people and learning his owner's behavioral preferences. AIBO has instincts and acts as if he has free will. He might decide to chase a toy or try to find the source of a particular sound - just like any inquisitive creature. He has a strong desire to perform, to play with people, to move about, and to satisfy his "hunger" (get his battery recharged). AIBO will show happiness when his needs are met; however, if ignored, AIBO can show sadness or even anger. He is a true companion!

AIBO Life Software included
Our AIBO comes with Personality Enhancement software, called “AIBO Life”, worth $90 when sold separately. This is the software that allows AIBO to act like the living creature we've described - to learn from his environment and human interaction, and to mature from infant to adult.

Technical Specifications

- Head touch sensor
- Camera (CMOS image sensor)
- Stereo microphone
- Speaker
- Chin touch sensor
- Pause button Chest light
- Back touch sensor
- Acceleration sensor
- "Memory Stick" slot for AIBO
- Lithium ion battery pack
- PC card slot
- Tail (equipped with LEDs)
- Joints (20 degrees of freedom)
Weight (including a battery and a memory stick) : Approx. 1.5kg (Approx.3.3lb)
Dimensions (W/H/D) (not including ears and tail) : Approx. 152 x 281 x 250 mm (Approx. 5.98 x 11.06 x 9.84 inches)
Sony Aibo Robot Dog
Components Body, Head, Tail, Leg x 4, "Removable"
Program Storage Medium Memory Stick for AIBO
Movable Parts Mouth: 1 degree of freedom
Head: 3 degrees of freedom
Legs: 3 degrees of freedom x 4 legs
Ears: 1 degree of freedom x 2 ears
Tail: 2 degrees of freedom
Total: 20 degrees of freedom
Input/Output PC Card slot Type2 In/Out
Memory Stick slot In/Out
AC IN Power Supply connector Input
Image Input CMOS Image sensor
Audio Input Miniature Microphones
Audio Output Miniature Speaker
LCD Display Time, Volume, Battery condition
Built-in Sensors Temperature Sensor
Infrared Distance Sensor
Acceleration Sensor
Pressure Sensors (Head, the Back, Chin & Legs)
Vibration Sensor
Built-in Clock Date & Time
Power Consumption Approx. 9W (tentative) Standard operation in autonomous mode
Operating Time Approx. 1.5Hours (tentative) Standard operation in autonomous mode
Charging Time Approx. 2 hours ( with a supplied AC Power Adapter and the Lithium Ion Battery pack ERA-201B1)
Dimensions (W/H/D)
(not including ears and tail)
Approx. 152 x 281 x 250 mm (Approx. 5.98 x 11.06 x 9.84 inches)
Weights (including a battery and a memory stick) Approx. 1.5kg (Approx.3.3lb)
Color Black
Supplied Accessories AC Adapter, Lithium Ion Battery Pack ERA-201B1(1), Ball, Documentation, etc.

Hugely Popular
AIBO is the result of Sony's major development effort to create robots that can coexist with people.

"Sony is poised to make a huge impact on the American market with the answer to the 21st century's demand for an intelligent and trainable robot companion," said Takeshi Yazawa, who heads Entertainment Robot America, a division of Sony Electronics. "The first generation AIBO models already have an active global community of loyalists, and quickly became a pop-culture phenomenon. We expect that the second generation AIBO's enhanced interactive capabilities will further strengthen the relationship between AIBO and thousands of new owners."

In June 1999, the first-generation AIBO was launched - a limited edition of 5,000 at $2,500 each. All 3,000 in Japan sold in 20 minutes; all 2,000 available in the U.S. sold in four days. In November 1999, Sony created a special limited edition of 10,000 for which more than 135,000 orders were received. To say the least, it is a phenomenon. Now the Second Generation AIBO is here, with a much greater emotional range and ability to learn!

We no longer carry AIBO. Please visit our Robot Kits section for more great robots. 


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