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   Mech Warrior

Mech WarriorClimb into a giant Mech Warrior battle suit and cause massive devastation against a computer opponent or over the Internet. Stomp through cities and desolate terrain in the cockpit of your Mech Warrior, as you face off against enemy machines in this vividly detailed and immersive combat simulation.

Microsoft made sure it would play as well as it looks. The graphics are flat-out amazing. Lighting effects, smoke trails, smoldering Mech armor, laser discharges, and missiles all look incredible. You can fight in deserts, arctic regions, forests, and even on the moon: all look sci-fi-movie perfect. Mechs have more animation than ever before as well. They stomp across the battlefield and reel from weapons fire convincingly, and when the cannon fire finally punches through their armor, they light up like Christmas trees. Thermonuclear Christmas trees, that is.

The enemy Mechs in the single-player game play well. Both your allies and the enemy use their Mechs' capabilities wisely and provide a challenge throughout the game's long and entertaining campaign. Multiplayer is offered via Microsoft's easy-to-use Gaming Zone and there is also an Instant Action mode that'll keep you playing long after the campaign is over.



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