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The Cybug series is an exciting new type of educational kit. It combines the BEAM elements of Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics in a unique and lovable form. It's educational, easy to build, and fun to customize. The instruction manual describes how to solder, the purpose of each component, and how the components function in the actual robot. These kits are intended for novice roboticists.



   Cybug Scarab

Cybug Robot

The Cybug mimics life in its most basic form. It is designed to behave and appear insect-like. Instead of a programmable microprocessor, it has simple hard-wired instincts with behavior and instinct designed right into its circuitry. It moves about its environment with the help of full obstacle avoidance and reversing motors. The result is a simple little robot which displays very life-like behavior. The Cybug exhibits emergent behavior which seems to give it a personality. No two Cybugs behave the same. You can modify your Cybug's personality even more by adding one of the "higher brain function" circuits. (See below for details).


You can set your Cybugs to be phototropic (light seeking), or photophobic (light avoiding), using a set of jumpers located at the base of its head. When phototropic, the Cybug will be attracted to the light from a Sun Flower feeding station. Another quick adjustment makes the Cybug behave aggressively as a predator, or timid and slow-moving like a herbivore. No two Cybug are exactly the same and you will come to recognize the unique characteristics of each!

The Cybug makes an interesting and fun project all by itself, but it was designed to be a just one member of a robotic "ecosystem" which parallels nature in a unique and fascinating manner. One of the most interesting characteristics of the Cybug is its ability to seek out its own food source and energize itself. Just as a honeybee is attracted to a flower for it's nectar, the Cybug is drawn to the light of the Sun Flower, where it is provided with a meal of raw energy with which it charges its battery! (See below for more info on the Cybug Sun Flower Power Plant). Building this kit and observing the Cybug go about its business is a fun and rewarding experience, and if you are not careful, you just might learn something about electronics, robotics, biology, and control systems!

This item has been discontinued. Please visit the Robot Kits page.



   Cybug Solarfly

Cybug SolarflyHere's a great addition to your Cybug colony! The Solarfly is a solar powered robot with obstacle detection and avoidance built into its basic survival instincts. The Solarfly is very active in sunlight, even on a cloudy day. Its sensitive Infrared eyes cause it to continually move towards the brightest object it sees, and its feelers help it navigate around obstacles. It even has short-term memory about objects it comes into contact with!

The Solarfly will navigate it's way through your robotic ecosystem, competing with other Solarflys for the brightest spot of light, or taking a sip from any convienient Sun Flower Power Plant. The Solarfly's heart is based on the "Chloroplast" Solar Engine which maintains a constant voltage supply for the core "vital organ" electronics, but channels any excess energy to the motors for mobility.

This easy to build kit has over 30 parts including a high quality double sided printed circuit board and complete instructions describing the installation of all parts and how they all work together.

This item has been discontinued. Please visit the Robot Kits page.



   Cybug Sun Flower Power Plant

Cybug Sun FlowerThe Cybug Sun Flower Power Plant is the bottom of your Cybug ecosystem's food chain. These synthetic plants follow the sun to gather the maximum solar energy available. They continually charge up their on-board storage elements to maintain their own existence and to provide energy for other robots in the Cybug colony.

The charging voltage (typically 9-14V) is applied to the metallic aluminum leaves located about 6 inches from the base. When a Cybug detects a Power Plant in its neighborhood, it moves towards it and tries to collect the energy that has been stored by the plant. The Cybug robots have two long thin antennae which make contact with the Sun Flower's leaves and transfer the energy into it's on-board batteries.

The Cybug robots will run just fine from their onboard batteries, but the Cybug Sun Flower Power Plant is the key to creating a true self-sustaining robotic ecosystem. The more Sun Flowers you have in your robot world, the more active the Cybugs can be!

This unique kit is both ornamental and instrumental! Even without the rest of the colony, the Power Plant makes a very active and interesting addition to any windowsill. They also make a very cool desk accessory for the executive who has everything!

This item has been discontinued. Please visit the Robot Kits page.



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