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Some of these kits and toys make great starting points for construction of your own autonomous "real" robot, and others are just plain fun! Take a look at our selection and choose your favorites.




   The Ultimate Mars Rover Kit

The Ultimate Mars Rover Kit

The real Mars rover is a free running, electrically powered vehicle whose purpose is to explore the planet Mars. Its quest is to seek out mineral resources and evidence of water that could support future missions to the planet and possibly to discover life on Mars.

The Ultimate Mars Rover Kit is more than an ingenious and engaging toy - it is a knowledge- and trivia-based 'electronic' board game. It features a cleverly-designed robotic rover. This mini-machine allows young users to collect 'samples' from the surface.

First you construct the Mars Rover and set out the cardboard pieces of the surface of Mars. These parts have a design that is based on real-life maps of the planet, complete with canals and rocks. Then you establish Mission Control (which houses a pack of question cards), and start to play the board game! A correct answer to the question on a card is rewarded with a timed period exploring the planet's surface with the rover. At the end of each period of exploration, the collected samples are investigated and points awarded according to what has been discovered-minerals, water, or even life on Mars!

The motorized 'Rover' is simple to construct, durable and easy to use. This kit supports the National Science Curriculum, Key Stage 2. Kit contains motorized Rover, Mission Control Unit, stickers, timer, Martian terrain, quiz cards, samples from the planet's surface, mission wall chart, and instructional booklet. All parts are pre-formed and easy to assemble.

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   Stiquito Controlled! : Making a Truly Autonomous Robot

Stiquito ControlledBuild your own Stiquito "walking-stick" robot insect with the included kit!
Stiquito Controlled! is a widely accessible, user-friendly book that provides step-by-step instructions for building Stiquito, a small, multi-legged robot that resembles a "walking-stick" insect. The book includes comprehensive instructions and all the parts needed to complete assembly. Most notably, the kit contains a microcontroller board that allows Stiquito to walk on its own. Key features of the book include:

Stiquito KitComplete kit to build Stiquito—no additional materials necessary (common tools required)
Detailed, step-by-step instructions for assembly of the robot
Comprehensive lessons on making Stiquito walk using the microcontroller
Engineering teachers and students, researchers, and science enthusiasts will find Stiquito Controlled! a fascinating and fun hands-on project.

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   Muscle Wires Project Book : A Hands On Guide To Amazing Robotic Muscles

Muscle Wires RobotMuscle Wires Project Book : A Hands On Guide To Amazing Robotic Muscles That Shorten When Electrically Powered Includes the award winning Muscle Wire Project Book plus Flexinol 050, 100 and 150, and crimps and instructions. Enough to build all the projects in the book including Boris the six legged walking machine!

Boris is an exciting, fully controllable and low cost robot. It moves with an amazingly smooth and lifelike action, taking steps about one centimeter long and one centimeter high. Boris' simple design uses eight separate Muscle Wires to create all motions; one to make the forward/backward motion on each of the legs, and two wires for lifting alternating legs with each step. Connect Boris to an interface circuit that accepts signals from your PC's parallel printer port. Then operate it from the computer's keyboard! An ideal starter package for engineers, students and experimenters of all ages.

>>>> See our Muscle Wires page for more details! <<<<



   Robot Challenge Kit

Robot Challenge KitCreate your own radio-controlled robot with the help of the Robot Challenge Kit! This kit includes the radio control, instruction cards, "battle plans", power chassis, training manual, and everything else you need to construct a working model of a BattleBots-style combat robot. The large full-color illustrations make robot construction easy. Twelve instruction cards show clear, step-by-step instructions for assembling the kit. The Robot Challenge Kit also includes obstacles, mines, and traps you can use to set up an obstacle course for your machine. The parts are packaged in a convenient locking box.

First you create your own radio-controlled robot, then you can have a go at the challenging game! You'll go through a series of exercises in the training manual and soon be a master. Follow the battle plans - the more skilled you are, the harder the game gets. Easy enough for kids ages 8 and up, but fun enough for an adult who is just starting out in robotics.

Click here for a larger picture.

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   Ultimate Robot Kit

Ultimate Robot KitFrom the depths of the sea to the mysterious world of space, robots are up to the task of exploring, traveling, saving lives, or making life easier for human beings. David Eckhold's Ultimate Robot Kit makes life a whole lot more fun for human beings! This giant kit includes almost everything needed to construct four amazing robots, as well as a 24-page "Robot File," which explains the origins of robots, how they work, and how they are going to change our lives. Twelve instruction cards offer clear step-by-step directions to create the marvelous BounceBot, CreepycrawlyBot, KnotBot, and GobbleBot. Sturdy, simple cardboard and plastic components allow children to design and build working mechanical models quickly and easily, while they discover the essential robot skills of mobility, manipulation, programming, and intelligence. Building the first four bots gives kids the know-how to design a robot to their own specifications, and might even put these future engineers on a thrilling career path!

Ultimate Robot Kit includes: motor, plastic gears, dowels, disks, bodywork, and stickers. The parts are packaged in a large box with a convenient Velcro lock. These components combine to produce four amazingly talented robots. Each robot has its own skill-based "personality" and its own special way of working. The guidebook explains how robots started, how they work, and how they are going to change our lives in the future. 12 cards show clear, step-by-step instructions and use high-tech images to detail each robot's size, shape, special functions, and strength. The knowledge gained in making the four robots allows children to progress to designing and making a fifth robot to their own specifications. The topics explored support the Science and Technology Curriculum.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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