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The following events are members of the Robot Fighting League

Battle Beach - Florida

BotBash - Arizona

California Insect Bots - California

Carolina Combat Robots - North Carolina

Central Illinois Robotics Club - Illinois

COMBOTS - California

Mechwars - Minnesota

Ohio Robotics Club - Ohio

RoboCore - Brazil

Robotics Society of America - California

Robot Riots - Canada

RoboWars - Australia

Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club - Canada

Sozbots - California

War-Bots Xtreme - Canada

Western Allied Robotics - Washington


More Robot Competitions

2.007  MIT's remote-controlled robot competition

6.270  MIT's autonomous robot design competition

ArtBots  Robot talent show

Aerial Robotics Competition  The place for smart helicopters and blimps

All Japan Robot Sumo Worlds largest robot competition with 4000 robots

AMD Jerry Sanders Creative Design Contest  Autonomous or radio control

BattleBots The most dangerous collection of battling robots in the world.

BEST  Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology

BotBall  Teams of High School students design, build, and program robots

Carnegie Mellon Mobot Races  MObile roBOTs

Chicago Area Robotics Group  Featuring mini-sumo and Solaroller

CIRC Autonomous Sumo Robot Competition  At the Illinois Robotics Club

Critter Crunch  Immobilize your opponent or to push him out of the arena.

DARPA Grand Challenge  Win a million dollars!

Eastern Canadian Robot Games  Including Sumo and art bots

Edventures Robotic Challenge  held every 3 months

EuroBot  Annual autonomous robot competition in France

Extreme Fighting Machines  Combat Robot League in the UK

FIRA Robot World Cup International Robot Soccer

Fire Fighting Robot Contest  Autonomous robots extinguish fires in a maze

FIRST Corporations sponsor local High Schools across the USA

FRA  The Fighting Robots Association in the UK

Intelligent Ground Robotic Competition  Annual robot competition

KiloBots  Fighting robots in Saskatoon

K'NEX K*bot World Championships Annual competition with K'NEX

Manitoba Robot Games  Large Canadian competition

Micro-Rato  In Portugal

Micromouse Competition  The UC Davis Micromouse page

NATCAR  Autonomous race cars

Northwest Robot Sumo Tournament  Long-running Sumo competition

PAREX  Maze solving and line following in Arizona

Roaming Robots  Traveling live robot combat competition in the UK

RoboCon  Robot competition in Japan and Korea

RoboCup The international Robot Soccer competition

RoboFest  Autonomous robot contest for K-12 schools

RoboFesta International Robot Games Festival

RoboFlag  Autonomous Mobile Robots Playing Capture The Flag

RoboMaxx  Robotics fair and exhibition in Oregon

RoboRama  Competition sponsored by the Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Robot Battles Head-to-head combat with other 'bots

Robot Rally  Hosted by The Atlanta Hobby Robot Club

Robothon The annual competition of the Seattle Robotics Society

ROV Competition  Underwater robotics, anyone?

RSSC Robot Competition  Robotics Society of Southern California

Singapore Robotic Games  Eleven different robot competitions

Tech Challenge  At the Tech Museum in San Jose

Texas Best  Regional championship for BEST Robotics

Underwater Robotics Competition 3D navigation under water

Western Canadian Robot Games  Includes Sumo, BEAM, and Hockey





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